Social Media Slots Prizes

Slots are by far and away the most popular gambling games in the world in the 21st century, something that is easily confirmed by the fact that slot gambling has been slated to account for over half of all annual gambling revenue by 2025. Just let that sink in for a second…

There are so many different aspects to the global gambling industry, from brick and mortar casino tables games, all the way through to sports betting, and online slots at Slotzo are anticipated to beat all of them combined for revenue! 

Really though it is no surprise, because some of the top-tier slot developers such as Big Time Gaming, NetEnt and Just For The Win are consistently making sure their games are getting more and more innovative as time goes on. But here’s the thing: whilst monetized online slots are what most people think about when they hear the word slot, there are new forms of online slots available in the 21st century that you don’t even need any money to play. Oh yes, social media slots are becoming more and more popular, keep reading for a lowdown on them, and some of the best social media slots prizes… 

What are social media slots? 

But hang on a second, what even are social media slots? Social media slots aren’t something that most people will know about these days, mainly because they are still a pretty new phenomenon more than anything else. Furthermore, most people like to play online slots because of the potential of winning a gargantuan jackpot, however with social media slots there isn’t actually any money there to be won at all. 

Basically, social media slots are online slots that have been made to work on platforms such as Facebook, and they are perfect for a bit of sociable online slots fun. Online slot gambling can be a fairly lonely affair, so you can start to see why social media slots are getting more and more popular as the 21st century draws on. 

Why play social media slots? 

Social media slots are perfect for gamblers who are looking for a more sociable slots experience, especially if they are not looking to actually spend any money. Whilst this is undeniably true, the main audience for social media slots are actually people that live in countries where online gambling is still illegal, because social media slots aren’t technically classed as illegal due to the lack of money involved.

So, do you live somewhere where gambling is actually illegal? If so you might want to check out the burgeoning world of social media slots, because you will still be free to play these to your heart’s content.  

Some social media slots prizes 

Right then, what can you expect to win from social media slots if you don’t actually play with any real money? Well, the most common social media slots prize is just more credit to use on the games, however there are also funny dares and forfeits to win if you’re playing with friends.

Is There Skill Required in Slots?

A lot of gambling games rely on pure luck and when it comes to slots, the chances of being on the good side of a randomly generated spin is as unpredictable as the actual slot game itself. You can spin a slot 50 times and win nothing, or you can spin it 10 times and hit the bonus continuously at Wizard Slots. You could even win a jackpot in those 10 spins. 

Each spin is created by an RNG or Random Number Generator and this is why slots are some of the most unpredictable gambling games out there. Indeed, most gambling games use these RNG microchips to create random results, but because of the huge amount of symbol combinations on slots reels, the randomness is that much more magnified. 

Do Patterns Exist in Slots? 

In theory, no patterns should be evident when you play slots because each spin is random. However, some slot players who stick religiously to one certain slot and play it over and over, actually discover patterns in the behaviour of the particular game in question. Noticing these patterns is a skill in itself because a lot is constantly happening when you play a game. You may activate the bonus round or a base game special feature that interrupts these developing patterns. One pattern that has been reported is that certain slot games tend to warm up slowly, delivering average to empty spins early on, before exploding into life and reaching a peak, that is quickly followed by a tailing off where empty spins once again become the norm. 

 A skilled slots player with experience in the slots that behave this way, will know when to bail out and bank what they have won. Others may continue to spin thinking the hot streak would get hotter still, but eventually lose their entire bankroll on the game. 


Having control of your actions is not just an important skill needed when you play slots, it is important in life in general. It can keep you out of trouble and when it comes to gambling, it can make the difference between being a sensible slot player and one who will lose absolutely everything by not gambling responsibly. A good example of how self-control can help when you play slots is if you know when to walk away. A lot of gamblers are actually fuelled by anger and this leads to irresponsible behaviour such as chasing losses or increasing your stake to try and win back large amounts faster. 


This brings us to the important skill of budgeting. Gambling can be an expensive hobby and it really should only be enjoyed with disposable income. If you take care of all your essentials carefully, then you will know exactly what you can afford to play with. 

Cognitive Development 

Video gamers enhance their cognitive skills through gaming and the same applies to slot players to a lesser degree. Obviously, slots are not as interactive as video games, but with VR and 3D slots ready to be released, cognitive development will eventually be on par with that of video gamers.