Slots Casino Titles to try

For millions of people all over the world, playing slots online or in-house is a great hobby. Not only is it fun, but you can often walk away with a hefty monetary prize if you’ve been lucky. That’s what makes gambling popular all over Europe, North America, Australasia and the Far East. It’s a global language and it’s easy to play.

But what makes for a good King Casino slot game? How do you decide what’s the best slot? What are you judging them on? After all, there are so many to play, you may not know which one to go for.

Well, that depends on you really. Some people go for slots with a high RTP rate. The ‘Return to Player’ rate is the percentage of wagered money a slot machine will pay back to the player over time.

Over the course of an afternoon’s gambling, if you’ve put £200 into a slot machine and it has an RTP rate of 95, you should get £190 back over time. That’s not a bad return for an afternoon spent having some fun. Therefore, the higher the RTP rate, the better your odds are to win a jackpot.

For some gamblers, the RTP rate is the most important factor in choosing a slot game to play. But does it make it the best option? If you’re looking for big jackpots, just because a slot game is paying out fairly frequently, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll win a substantial prize.

Conversely, slots games that offer the biggest prizes may have lower RTP rates. That’s the trick though. The risk involved to win one huge prize is inherently larger than the risk involved to win lots of small ones. That is the essence of gambling.

Benefits of playing online over traditional in-house slots

One of the most significant advantages that gaming online has over the traditional model is ease and convenience. You can now play almost literally anywhere, at any time, providing you have decent internet connection and a mobile device.

There are also bigger prizes online. Online casinos usually offer enticing bonuses and welcome promotions to attract new gamers, as well as loyalty bonuses to reward regular ones. This incentivisation is different from regular in-house casinos. You’d struggle to get ten free spins at your local casino, or a free game on a slot machine!

What’s more, as the overheads are less running an online site, as well as many more people playing, the prizes are bigger. Traditional casinos just can’t compete.

This is true of the RTP percentage too. The ‘return to player’ rates for online slots is normally around the 98% or 99% mark, but land casinos can only offer closer to 90%.

Titles to try

If you’ve never tried any of the fifteen games listed below, there’s a great mix of generous RTP percentages along with high payouts. All the games excel in their gameplay and really take online gambling to the next level.

1)      Gladiator

2)      Mega Moolah

3)      Cleopatra

4)      Gold Fish

5)      The Rift

6)      Turning Totems

7)      Gonzo’s Quest

8)      Jungle Jim El Dorado

9)      Age of the Gods

10)   Mega Fortune

11)   Fruit Shop

12)   Booming 7

13)   Fruit Fiesta

14)   Game of Thrones15)   Britain’s Got Talent